Vito's Wine and Bourbon Bar


When you walk into Vito's Wine Bar you will see our passion, wine! When we find wines we like, we add them to our store to share with our guests. Attentive service, great value and a conversation-friendly atmosphere will keep you coming back.

Vito's Wine Bar was founded on the premise of providing the experience of tasting old world and new world wines right here in Delaware Ohio. The philosophy and outlook toward introducing wines to our customers is what drives us. We love what we do and love to see our friends, family and guests relax and have a great time. Excellent drinks, flavorful foods and warm inviting atmosphere are always waiting here for you!

We offer much more than wine! We opened our doors and the back bar for you to discover our shelves of over 40 expressions of bourbon, scotch and whiskey. We bring to you the many flavors and delicate touch that smooth and aged whiskey has to offer. We also offer specialty drinks from our famous Manhattan to Old Fashions. We also offer 6 beers on tap.


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